Carver Praise and Worship Magnification Ministry


10 Key Principles of our Music Department


1. Carver Worship Ministry shares the spirit and vision of our pastor.

2. The Worship Ministry seeks to please the Lord by serving with patience and joy.

3. We pursue excellence, which is doing our best with what God has provided.

4. We seek to flow in the mood of God in every service.

5. We use the arts of music and dance as an evangelistic tooI.

6. We sing songs of hope that lift up Jesus Christ - not songs that dwell on the plight of human circumstances.

7. Our singers must be in covenant with the church - that is, prayer, paying tithes and otherwise actively support the vision of the church.

8. We use a variety of music. We sing music that is God-centered, both contemporary praise songs and traditional gospel selections.

9. AlI who minister before the congregation express joy on their faces and with their body language.


10. We understand that no matter how well we prepare, without the anointing of God our offerings will be as  "a sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal." The anointing begins with total obedience in all things to God.




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